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Are you in need of a Los Angeles electrician with the expertise to complete even the most complicated electrical services? Perhaps you need a new fan system to keep your house cool in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner. Or maybe your circuit breakers predate the digital era, lacking the capacity to power all the electronic devices you use on a daily basis. Whatever your needs, the expert electricians here at Mr. Flash are standing by to help you.

Home and business owners throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties can now turn to one trusted source when it comes to all of their electrical installation, repair, and replacement needs. We offer a variety of services to our many satisfied customers. Below, please find a list of the wide array of services we provide.

Mr. Flash electricians are professional, friendly, and experienced in all manner of electrical work. Our live operators are standing by to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can schedule an appointment with one of our technicians whenever it is convenient for you, at which time they can provide you with a free consultation. Call today and enjoy the benefits of our many years of experience.

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Dedicated Appliance Circuit Installation in Los Angeles
Many people may not be aware, but every large appliance needs its own dedicated circuit. If you have ever turned on your washing machine at the same time your refrigerator came on, and the breaker tripped, then you are probably running too many appliances on one circuit. Sometimes, you may buy a new appliance and find that there is no outlet at all in the area you want to put it. In any event, the skilled Los Angeles electricians here at Mr Flash can install a dedicated appliance circuit to keep your appliances running in top form.
Dedicated appliance circuits are generally needed for large appliances (a blender usually doesn’t count).You may need a new circuit for the following appliances:
• Washer/Dryer
• Electric Range/Oven
•Microwave Oven
• Air Conditioner
•Electric Car
• Pool Pump
• Jacuzzi
Adding a dedicated circuit for any of the above appliances will help you avoid unexpected power outages and trips to the electrical panel to flip breakers. More importantly, your important appliances will have the power they need to keep working. Imagine leaving your house in the morning, only to have your refrigerator shut down because it didn’t have its own dedicated circuit. Returning home to a soggy fridge full of expired food is no fun for anyone. Our dedicated appliance circuits can save you from this hassle.
Mr Flash electricians proudly perform appliance circuit installation in greater Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties. Our friendly, live operators are standing by 24/7 to serve you. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our professional technicians today; they can give you a free quote to get your appliances working better than ever before.
Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter Installation in Los Angeles
Arcing in your electrical devices is usually harmless, occurring every time you flip on a light or power up your vacuum. However, corroded wires and loose connections can result in dangerous arcing, which can cause an electrical fire. It is estimated that 40,000 electrical fires happen in the U.S. every year. Unsafe arcing can be a potential hazard to you, your property, and your loved ones. If you need a Los Angeles electrician that can help you prevent these dangerous occurrences, Mr Flash is here to help.
Arc-fault breakers, also known as arc-fault circuit interrupters, are high-tech circuit breakers that can detect unnatural arcs and shut down power to those faulty circuits before a fire starts. Since 2002, the National Electrical Code has required the use of these types of breakers in all bedroom outlets. There are a number of types of arc-fault breakers available:
• Branch Feeder: This is installed in the electrical panel to protect all devices on an individual electrical branch circuit.
• Outlet Circuit: These can be installed in the branch circuit box to protect wiring connected downstream from your devices.
• Combination: As the name implies, these combine branch feeder and outlet circuit functions.
• Outlet Branch Circuit: When installed in the first outlet in a string of electrical receptacles, these protect downstream receptacles in a single circuit.
• Portable: As a matter of convenience, these can be plugged directly into any electrical outlet.
Many people wish to install arc-fault breakers for all of their circuits to maximize safety. In those cases, we can replace your current breakers with arc-fault circuit interrupters. Older homes built before these devices were required (pre-2002) can be made much safer with the installation of arc-fault breakers. We can also install new circuits with these breakers and repair damaged breakers.
If you live in Los Angeles, Ventura, or Orange County, call one of our live operators today. They are standing by 24/7 to schedule your appointment for a free quote on arc-fault breakers, or any other electrical services you may need.
Electrical Panel Repair – House Rewiring in Los Angeles
Your building’s electrical panel is the heart of the electrical system. And just like a real heart, if it’s not functioning properly, it can cause a number of other problems for your home or business. All the electricity coming into your building is routed through the electrical panel, usually located in your garage or on the outside of your building. From there, it is split up into various circuits that power all of your outlets and fixtures. Each circuit has a dedicated breaker, which serves to shut off the flow of electricity in cases of overload. But if you are tripping these breakers on a regular basis, you may need to repair or replace your electrical panel.
Circuit breakers help prevent electrical fires and damage to your devices. They are often tripped when you run too many electrical devices on a single circuit, such as multiple kitchen appliances or high-draw devices like hair dryers and hair straighteners simultaneously. Running these devices on separate circuits can alleviate the problem. Sometimes, however, these trips are caused by shorts or faults in the line. A skilled electrician can help assess any problems with your electrical panel.
Circuit breakers help prevent electrical fires and damage to your devices. They are often tripped when you run too many electrical devices on a single circuit, such as multiple kitchen appliances or high-draw devices like hair dryers and hair straighteners simultaneously. Running these devices on separate circuits can alleviate the problem. Sometimes, however, these trips are caused by shorts or faults in the line. A skilled electrician can help assess any problems with your electrical panel.
Electrical Panel & Breaker Replacement in Los Angeles
Electrical panels are the brain of any home’s electricity. It sends electricity to every circuit in the home and the breakers in the panel manage the electricity that flows through. Licensed electricians know the maximum capabilities of the panels and breakers and when they are not in the best shape hazardous panels and breakers pose a risk of electrocution.
If you experience trouble with your electrical panel, never remove the panel yourself, call the professionals at Mr Flash Electric. With the latest training and experience our licensed electricians will determine what needs to be done to repair or replace hazardous panels and breakers.
Electrical panels are designed to protect the wiring from the risk of overcurrent, or overheated wiring. Circuit breakers are there to prevent the dangers of overcurrent such as fires or electric shock. Functional breakers will deter those situations by cutting the power to the wires. Thus, alerting you to address the issue.
The circuit breakers are made to protect against overloads, short circuits and potential wire damage. Its function is to detect weak conditions and trip electric flow. In the event of a trip, the circuit breaker can be reset manually or automatically to continue regular operation.
Electric control panels and breakers are simple systems that can become hazardous from faulty installation, weather conditions, poor manufacturing, unstable wiring or panel overcrowding.
Problems such as excess moisture during wet weather can damage the surrounding layers and devices of panels, often times water damaged panels need to be replaced.
Faulty panel installation can result in breakers failing to trip wiring, breakers falling out or inability to pass electricity. For these instances, hazardous panels and breakers can lead to many dangers to you, and your loved ones. Get an expert to determine the damage and need for repair.
Our electricians will evaluate electrical panels and breakers on site and determine their condition. Electric panels are built to last, few repairs and replacement parts are needed in order to resume function. Depending on the age, brand and condition, the recommendation for a replacement panel for customer safety will be advised.
Serving customers in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County, schedule an appointment to get an estimate on your replacement electric panel and circuit breakers. Our operators are available 24/7 for your convenience.
A ground fault circuit interrupter, GFCI, is an outlet that allows you to plug in electrical devices and protects people from electrical shock. The outlets on our walls have two vertical slots with a round hole centered beneath them. The left slot is the neutral side and the right is hot, and the hole is called ground. When an appliance is plugged in to use the electricity, the electricity in use flows from hot to neutral. GFCI monitors the amount of electric currents flowing from hot to neutral. Sometimes there is an imbalance of electricity and when that occurs the GFCI will react and trip the circuit to cut off the electricity.
Say for example, someone is using an electric drill outside in the middle of rain or moisture, with an extension cord that gets wet. There is a wet path trailing from the drill and its cord plugged into the wall. Instead of experiencing electrocution as you would with regular outlets, the GFCI will sense that the electrical current is not in balance and trip the electrical circuit to cut off the flow of electricity and avoid electric shock.
GFCIs are now the standard equipment utilized in residential construction industry, because they offer the best protection from electrical shock. There are many homes that were constructed before construction requirements of this code were adopted, but this is a lifesaving device that can be effective against the curiosity of children and animals. Proper installation from a licensed electrician is important to ensure that devices are safely connected.
Testing your GFCI for proper function is recommended about every month, after electrical storms or power surges to ensure safety and home protection. To test them:
1. Plug in a nightlight into a GFCI outlet and press reset
2. Turn the light on
3. Press the test button on the GFCI and the light should turn off
4. Press the reset button on the GFCI and the light will turn back on
If the light does not turn off when the test button is pressed, stop use of this circuit until it is replaced with a functioning GFCI outlet.
At Mr Flash Electric you can count on our certified technicians to safely install GFCI outlets in your home for immediate use. To book an appointment, our operators are standing by 24/7 for customers in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County.
Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair in Los Angeles
The lights went out! Now what? When the power goes out in your home, who can you count on to find the problem? We all hate to be without power, and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times of the day, for no obvious reason. Whether it is a dead light switch or a fixture in need of replacement, Mr Flash Electric can troubleshoot and repair the problems you are experiencing. For any electrical issue have one of our technicians pay your home a visit and determine what is causing the problem.
The cause for electrical problems in a home or business can be for a number of reasons. The issue can be an overloaded circuit, worn out circuit panels, tripped breakers or water damage. A short circuit can be a serious issue that stems from exposed wires, loose wiring or faulty installation from an unskilled technician. Have the licensed electricians from Mr Flash diagnose the issue. Our skilled electricians are experienced and trained to resolve any electrical problem that develops.
Many electrical issues are undetected, and if these issues continue to be left untreated they can lead to electrical failure for prolonged periods of time and threatening fire hazards. When customers wait too long the problem develops into an even more severe issue, increasing the cost of project repairs. Instead of suffering the ongoing inconveniences and constant worry about electrical issues call Mr Flash for fast electrical assistance.
All our products are made with respect to your building’s code to ensure that they pass building inspection. This is important for your home, to make sure repairs are done properly and that they have long-lasting results.
Our electricians are trained to achieve high quality, professional service in residential and commercial troubleshooting and repair. Our licensed electricians are educated and tested regularly to ensure that electrical systems are kept up to date. Professional service from our electricians transcends the abilities of our competitors.
For quality craftsmanship, call our professional electricians at Mr Flash Electric. Live operators are available 24 hours a day to book your appointment for a free quote with troubleshooting and repair for your electrical system. For any other electrical problems, pick up the phone and have us diagnose the situation.

Mobile Home Electrical Installation & Repair in Los Angeles
Mr Flash Electric specializes in mobile home electrical installation and repair. Professional and prompt service for any mobile home community or individual residents is available at any hour.
Mobile home electrical systems are organized to follow the same code and use the same parts as a regular built home. The most common problems such as loss of power to double wide homes, loss of electrical power to a home’s circuit, panel inspection and constant circuit breaker tripping can be evaluated and repaired on the spot.
Maintaining your home’s electrical systems is of great importance and maintaining safety is one of our concerns. Defective electronic devices increases risks of fires. Over time loose wiring and connections become dangerous. Shocks and spark hazards from fatigued outlets is also one of the problems that mobile home owners must protect against.
Many older homes built prior to 1972 utilized aluminum wiring. Research indicates that aluminum wiring can oxidize and deteriorate over time, which cause poor connections and electrical shorts. If you live in an older mobile home, it is important to be aware of electrical issues that can make a huge impact on your finances. Have one of our experienced technicians inspect your electrical system and upgrade outdated electrical wiring when possible.
Remember, improper use of electrical systems can result in fires. The U.S. Fire Administration declared that many issues stem from homeowners who use faulty switches, bulbs and other damaged electrical components. Cracked, stiff and worn out electrical cords that no longer carry power can also increase the risk of fires. Sparks, warm electrical cords and tripped circuit breakers are all warning signals of electrical failure, have an electrician from Mr Flash inspect your home’s system for potential electrical wiring issues. Dealing with live wires can be lifethreatening, especially if you do not understand anything about electrical wiring. Avoid the hassle and injuries, have a professional take care of the issue for you.
Mobile homeowners in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County can contact one of our live operators today. They are available 24/7 to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. A free quote on your electrical components or any other electrical services will be made available upon request.

Attic Fan Installation & Repair in Los Angeles
To reduce heat in your home during summer there are plenty of options, blast the air conditioning, install screen doors, leave all the windows open or simply install attic fans. According to Energy Star, attic fans cool hot attics by drawing in cool air from outside and pushing out the hot air from within. Attic fans are beneficial in building types no matter what the size, residential or commercial buildings.
The reason for attic fans is to increase air circulation in attic spaces, reduce heat in the building and reduce condensation to increase the lifespan of roofing structures. Most of all, attic fans will make a great impact in energy efficiency for your home. With attic fans they allow you to use your air conditioner less and generate clean, cool air for affordable prices.
Attic fans increase the amount of clean oxygen in the home. They also reduce foul odors, while bringing in the fresh scent of the outdoors.
An attic fan features a fan blade, a motor that runs the unit and housing. A technician installs it either through an attic window or through the top of the roof, and then connects it to the home’s power source.
Moderate summer temperatures may feel comfortable, but the temperature in your attic can be pushed up past 100 degrees. This makes it difficult to keep the rest of the building cool, forcing homeowners to blast their a/c all day and night.
The fans are activated by thermostats that can be set at the temperature of the homeowner’s preference. So for example, when it reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the attic fan will run to prevent excessively high temperatures. Along with properly installed insulation between the ceiling and attic floor, air exchange between living areas and the attic are prevented and the air conditioner will not have to work as hard and long to keep the home cool.
For quality assurance and professional installation hire the professionals at Mr Flash Electric. They can install or replace attic fans in the areas of the home that need clean ventilation. To make an appointment, operators are available for your convenience 24 hours a day.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair in Los Angeles

During the months of summer people often look for more efficient and energy saving alternatives to keep their home cool. Those who cannot benefit from installing a heavy duty air conditioning unit can turn to the instant cool effects of a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are low-cost and low-maintenance devices that suspend from the ceiling of any room, or outdoors. Its rotating paddles circulate air and cools people effectively. Ceiling fans use significantly less power than a/c units and are a lifesaver during the hottest days of the year.

In the winter, certain fans have the option to set the blades in the opposite direction to draw cool air upwards instead of down. When the fan rotates, the colder air on or near the floor pulls up and forces the warmer air near the ceiling to be pushed down to take its place, without blowing cool air at anyone in the room.

Not only that but ceiling fans can be used as the finishing touch to elegantly decorate the room and support lighting fixtures.

Installing ceiling fans is not always so simple to complete. It can cause electrical system failure from poor fan assembly and electrocution. Our professionals at Mr Flash Electric can handle all the installation and connecting the fan to the home’s power source.

The work of a professional can ensure that the existing electrical wires are in good condition for use, people that try to install fans on their own may not have any background experience in installation, and this can increase the risk of damage to your electrical system and lead to the dangers of electrical fires. Only a licensed electrician will know how to correctly and safely install ceiling fans without causing any harm to your electrical system.

Instead of constant and expensive use of a home’s air conditioning system, install a ceiling fan. They are one of the few household appliances that can save as much as 15 percent off your energy bills.

For residents within Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County, schedule an appointment with one of our live operators. They are available 24/7 to book one of our licensed technicians to make a visit to your home and install your ceiling fan. For any other electrical services, you can count on Mr Flash Electric to be there on your side

Electrical Outlet Installation in Los Angeles

If you’re in need of an electrician, chances are it has something to do with your electrical outlets. It’s not surprising; the outlet is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It’s the place we most commonly interact with our buildings’ electrical systems, and they are one of the things most commonly worked on by electricians. Here at Mr. Flash Electric, our customers routinely seek our assistance for:

• Outlet Installation

•Outlet Repair

• Relocation of Existing Outlets

Odds are your building’s electrical systems weren’t custom-designed to fit your needs. Even if you are your house’s first occupant, the builders probably didn’t anticipate your knack for interior design. So what happens when you want to put your couch in front of an existing outlet and your flat screen TV on a wall with no outlets? That’s where we come in. Our professional technicians can locate your existing wiring and install new outlets wherever you need them, whether you want one concealed behind a wall- mounted TV or just want to be able to power a lamp in a particular corner of the room.

If you have noticed burn marks around your existing outlets or they have simply stopped working, it’s probably time for repairs. Our skilled electricians can find the source of the problem and safely fix your outlets, saving you time, hassle, and the risk of electric shock. They complete every job in a thorough, professional manner. You’ll never have to worry about them making a mess in your living room or tracking dirt on the carpet. And they’ll always cart away all the leftover materials when they’re done, so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying the use of your new outlet.

Our friendly live operators are standing by to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can dispatch an electrician to your home or business at a time that is convenient for you. Don’t live with inaccessible or broken electrical outlets anymore. Call Mr Flash and let us handle all of your electrical needs today.

Backup Generator Installation in Los Angeles

Here in Los Angeles, occasional power outages have become a way of life. We may not experience as many rolling blackouts now as in years past, but everyone has seen the flex alert announcements and knows they could come at any time. Even without these statewide concerns, there’s still the everyday risk of downed power lines or blown transformers. No matter what the cause, an unexpected loss of power can be a major inconvenience for you, your loved ones, and your business. When this happens, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that comes from having your very own backup generator.

Many buildings, such as hospitals, are required by law to have backup generators in case of an emergency. However, more and more regular people are having these handy devices installed to protect themselves from sudden power outages. And it’s not just the doomsday crowd. Many people these days work from home; during peak daytime hours, a rolling blackout could shut down a computer and prevent them from getting vital work done. And most brick-and-mortar businesses could simply not afford the loss of revenue that a blackout potentially causes. No matter what the reason, a backup generator can save you from the headaches that come with a power outage and keep the devices you need running:

• Lights


• Heating and A/C

• Security Systems

• Medical Equipment

• Refrigerators

If you are interested in the many benefits a backup generator can offer, call us here at Mr Flash Electric. Our helpful operators are standing by to take your call 24/7. They can dispatch a skilled electrician to your home or business at a time that is convenient for you. Our technicians can install and service your backup generator so you never have to worry about losing power ever again. A blackout can occur at any time, so why wait? Call today for a free estimate.

Lighting Fixture Installation in Los Angeles

Nothing brightens up the appearance of your home or business quite like its lights. But if your building has outdated, broken, or unattractive lighting fixtures, it can have the exact opposite effect. Poorly lit corridors, sconces that don’t match, and inefficient energy usage are just a few of the problems that can be caused by having the wrong lighting fixtures. Fortunately, the trained electricians at Mr Flash are here to help your building look its best by installing the best and brightest lighting fixtures around. They are trained to handle lighting jobs big and small, including:

• Sconces

• Outdoor Lighting

• Track Lighting

• Accent Lighting

• Closet Lighting

• Security Lighting

• Fluorescent Lighting

• Ceiling Fans

• LED Lighting

The benefits of new lighting fixtures are numerous. In addition to improving the appearance of your home or business, new lights can also make your property safer, illuminate previously dark areas, and increase your energy efficiency to help save you money. In the case of LED lighting, you can even say goodbye to changing light bulbs for good. And they provide more light with less power than compact fluorescents. Pretty soon, LED lighting will be the standard for all fixtures. Take advantage of this revolutionary technology and enjoy all the benefits that these lights can provide.

If you are ready to upgrade your lighting, call one of our friendly operators today. They are standing by to take your call 24/7 and can set up an appointment with one of our professional electricians. They can give you a free estimate on your job, no matter what the size. And since we charge by the job, instead of the hour, you can be confident that you will never be billed for overtime. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and are ready to see how great your home can look with new lights, call today.

If you had the chance to significantly reduce your energy bills, would you take it? Air conditioning is a must-have during the sweltering Los Angeles summers, but the costs can be excessive. If you are tired of the spike in your electric bills during the summer, but don’t feel like sweating your way through summer, a whole house fan might be just what the doctor ordered.

Whole house fans are an efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning systems. When designed and installed properly, whole house fan systems can move the hot air out of your home with surprising ease and quickness. Fan systems pull the stagnant, hot air out of your home and redirect it to the attic, where it vents out through your attic fans or gable vents. Whole house fans work great on their own, or they can assist your air conditioning unit to provide faster cooling.

Static air inside the home can be more than uncomfortable; it can also be a hazard to you and your loved ones. According to the EPA, a house without adequate air circulation can experience a buildup of pollutants at levels that could be potentially harmful. Air conditioners can circulate air in, but whole house fans are the best way to get the stagnant air out. And as an added benefit, fans are much better for the environment than air conditioners.

If you are interested in lowering your electric bills and enjoying a cool, well-ventilated home, call Mr Flash Electric today. Live operators are standing by to take your call any time of the day or night. Our friendly, professional electricians can install a whole house fan solution that is just right for your home. And they can do it at a time that is convenient for you. Stop wondering and start enjoying the benefits of a whole house fan. Call today.

Meter Base Replacement in Los Angeles

When it comes to your home, the meter base is probably one of the last things on your mind. But if your home has recently been renovated or you have an older house, your meter base may need replacing. It comes as a shock to many homeowners, but replacing the meter base is not the responsibility of the city or utility company. Instead, it is the homeowner that is usually on the hook for meter base replacement and/or repairs.

The meter base is the unit on the outside of your home or business that keeps track of your power usage. You’ve probably seen it a million times, especially if you’ve ever noticed an electric company employee taking a reading. The power coming into your house passes through the meter base before it goes into your electrical panel. Recently, many utilities have begun putting remote scanners on their meter bases. If your meter bases are in need of an upgrade, we can help you.
Here at Mr Flash electric, our electricians are standing by to take care of any and all of your electrical needs, including meter base replacement. Our trained technicians are friendly and professional. They take great pride in doing a thorough job and make sure to leave your property looking even better than they found it. They take care of all the leftover materials, recycling what they can so you don’t have to. With 24/7 operator support, you can schedule an appointment to have one of our techs come out at a time that works with your schedule. If you are in need of meter base replacement or repair, call Mr Flash Electric today. We can get your electrical systems working right so you can worry about the things that are really important to you.

In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine not having your house wired for internet. Even as the number of land lines has decreased in recent years, the number of internet lines has continued to expand, making the need for these kinds of cables higher than ever. Many homes today have internet-ready computers in multiple rooms, but may lack the hook-ups they need in every location. Maybe you are setting up a home office in the garage, for instance. In cases like these, you want the benefit of a safe and reliable line you can hook directly into..

Although you may think that your internet or phone provider will install these cables, the truth is that most of these companies will only hook up your service on the exterior of your house. Any additional cabling you need performed inside your home or business will likely incur extra charges. If you need additional cables run throughout your building, why not trust the highly trained and professional electricians here at Mr. Flash ?

Mr. Flash electricians have performed countless phone and internet cabling jobs. While phone company employees usually just activate your service from the street, Mr Flash technicians routinely work on complex electrical issues. With their extensive experience and courteous manner, they can run new cable to wherever you need it and leave your house in great condition when the job is done. Our friendly operators are standing by to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call today to receive a free estimate.

Nothing is more important to you than the safety of your family. And one of the most important safety devices you can have in your house is a smoke detector. These life-saving gadgets often provide the only warning you get in the event of a fire, allowing hundreds of people to escape these dangerous situations every year. In fact, since the introduction of smoke detectors in the 1970s, the number of fire deaths in America has been cut in half.

For most people, the only indication they get that their smoke detectors are not working properly is an occasional beep emanating from the device. If your smoke detector is doing this, it means it’s time to replace the battery, a simple fix that can potentially save your life. However, if you haven’t had a smoke detector inspection recently, it may be time to schedule one. Regularly servicing your smoke detectors can keep them in top condition. After all, a broken smoke detector is like no smoke detector at all.

The same goes for carbon monoxide detectors. In most cases, people caught in a burning building die from smoke inhalation, not the fire itself. Carbon monoxide is odorless and deadly, so having a functioning carbon monoxide detector is crucial to the safety of you and your family. In many cases, smoke and carbon monoxide detection can be combined into one convenient safety device. If you are unsure about the function of your current detectors, it might be time for a thorough inspection.

The trained electricians here at Mr Flash are experts in smoke and carbon monoxide detector maintenance. They can provide a complete work-up of your home or business to make sure that your existing safety devices are working properly. They can also recommend and install additional devices to provide the maximum protection for you. Every year, fires kill more people than all other natural disasters combined. Don’t leave the people you care about to chance. Call Mr Flash Electric and let us handle all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detector needs today. Operators are standing by 24/7 to take your call.

When most people think of surge protectors, they imagine those power strips you pick up at the local office supply store to keep your computer from getting fried. Installing one of those is as simple as inserting a plug into an outlet, so why would anyone want to hire an electrician for that? Of course, you wouldn’t. But then again, these types of surge protectors provide only a limited amount of defense to the devices hooked up to a single outlet. What many people don’t think about are the thousands of external and internal surges that affect your electrical devices on a daily basis. Although the majority of these occurrences won’t fry your computer, every little surge can cause internal damage to all of your electrical devices, shortening the shelf life of many expensive appliances and electronics.

Whole house surge protectors provide a handy solution to this problem. There are several types of whole house surge protection devices, each one designed to meet a specific need. Panel surge protectors can be attached to your electrical panel, protecting the majority of your devices. There are also cable and telephone models available to shield televisions, computers, phones, and other devices that may be hooked up to fiber optic or cable lines. All of these provide first-line protection from surges caused by lightning and other external factors. Additional surge protection can also be installed throughout your home or business, safeguarding your electrical devices from internally generated surges.

Although lightning storms may not descend on Los Angeles very often, comprehensive surge protection is worth having simply because it can extend the life of your many electronics and appliances. If you are interested in the benefits of these handy devices, call Mr Flash today. Our skilled electricians can come out to your home or business at your earliest convenience and give you a free estimate. Operators are standing by to schedule your appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more about what whole house surge protection can do for you. Call today.

Light switches are one of the most heavily used and oft-overlooked aspects of your home or business. Most people never think about these essential components until they get done with a remodel. In many cases, rearranging furniture or completely overhauling a room can leave light switches in inconvenient or inaccessible locations. Although they are usually placed close to entranceways, some buildings have them in all manner of inexplicable locations. If you have made changes to the layout of one of your rooms and find yourself unhappy with the location of a light switch, it might be time for a change.

Sometimes, it’s not the location of the switch but the switch itself that needs changing. This can be due to a loss of function, or it may be that you want to upgrade to a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches provide a number of benefits, namely the ability to precisely adjust the amount of light in any given space. This can help you work more effectively or set the right mood. With a dimmer switch, the control is in your hands.

No matter what your reason for seeking light switch installation, it is best not to attempt this kind of job yourself. Changing a light switch carries the risk of shock or electrocution, and can be difficult to perform properly. If installed incorrectly, a simple light switch can become a real fire hazard. Don’t take chances when it comes to your electrical work. Instead, call the professional electricians here at Mr Flash Electric.

Mr. FLash electricians have a wealth of experience installing standard light switches and dimmer switches. They make sure to do a clean, efficient job every time, meaning you can be sure that your house will look great when they leave. And we charge by the job, not the hour, so you’ll never have to worry about unexpected overtime fees. Our live operators are standing by 24/7 to schedule your appointment. No matter where you are in the Los Angeles area, they can dispatch an electrician to give you a free estimate. Call today.

Why should you choose Mr. Flash Electric to handle all of your electrical needs? Well for starters, electrical work can be dangerous and difficult for anyone who isn’t a professional. Leaving your electrical jobs in our hands satisfaction-guaranteedmeans you can relax and avoid getting shocked. Our technicians are professional and friendly, and safety is their highest priority. We make things easy for you by charging per job, meaning you will never get stuck with unexpected overtime costs and other hidden fees. And you can get a free estimate on any job before the work begins.

Calling an electrician is not convenient if the workers leave your house in worse shape than they found it. That is why we go out of our way to make sure we leave your house in top shape. Our employees are uniformed and wear protective shoe covers whenever they enter your building. They will thoroughly clean their work area and recycle any recovered material so that you can enjoy the fruits of their labor without having to clean up later. Schedule your appointment for a free estimate today.